Quality System


MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Co. quality system ensures excellence in manufacturing products,providing services and giving guarantees of the maximum national and international standard levels. The quality system of Mapna Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing company consists of the following divisions:

Supervising the manufacturing and execution

Considering the present potential and capacities in local market, Mapna Boiler and Equipment outsources some parts of manufacturing activities to subcontractors which have been verified in evaluation process. The performance and activities of these subcontractors are supervised and managed through the system of supervising the manufacturing and execution operation of workshops.

The standards and quality specifications of the product are given to the subcontractors according to the prepared technical and commercial documents in Mapna Boiler and Equipment Co. The manufacturing phases and delivering the equipments in accordance with the defined standards are fully supervised. Through cooperative framework with Mapna Boiler and Equipment, these subcontractors, while using their capabilities, experience improvement on the global scale.

Suppliers Management System

This system includes identifying and evaluating local and foreign suppliers and manufacturers,continuous and organized monitoring and supervision of their performance,process of developing quality of suppliers and selecting the best.Establishment of this system results in a group of cooperative manufacturers and suppliers undertake to accomplish some part of manufacturing and execution activities of Mapna Boiler and Equipment according to synergy and developing relations.
Supervision of Site activities

Monitoring site operations which consists of inspection of the components and equipment arrived to site,supervising installation operations, pre-commissioning, commissioning and utilizing during projects guarantee period, is considered as the last stage of Mapna Boiler and Equipment Co. quality control system procedures.

The supervisors dispatched to the sites, which are selected from among the most experienced engineers indifferent fields of engineering, using the instructions and specialized checklists, while documentation of activities and probable nonconformities make sure about the site executions operation and equipments and systems work properly.

Analytical reports, prepared through the documents in the sites, are accounted as valuable sources for improving the company performance and its future products.

Quality Control

Quality control of materials,equipments and manufacturing operations is handled by the manager who directly reports the managing director, The management of quality control affairs, by enjoying the modern methods based on the latest versions of international standards such as AWS and ASME, is responsible for inspection and controlling the quality of purchased materials and equipments as well as the manufactured equipments by subcontractors,registers and reports any kind of non conformity. The function and role of this department, alongside the procurement and executive departments would ensure the organization and its clients in standard observation and the desirable quality.